Continére International was established in 1999 by Lina Sjamsil-Monham, herself a multicultural, multilingual Global Nomad who has lived in over 35 countries and is currently based in Germany.

Over the decades, it has grown into a melting pot global network of diverse, independent Global Experts, Cultural Specialists, and International Business Consultants who share a passion in maintaining and sustaining a kinder, more tolerant, borderless world following the true credo of "unity in diversity".  

It specialises in providing a custom-made, client-centred programs in Cross Cultural & Diversity Management, International Teambuilding, Global Leadership, Personal Development & Global Business Skills for Expats & Global Nomads, Intercultural Competence, Intercultural Communication Training, Coaching and Consulting.

Continére International differentiates itself from other training companies by offering a strategic, integrated and result-oriented approach, using a proven customised, scientifically based methodology. 

We provide an in house "all round" service to the clients from development of concepts to implementation and follow up to ensure quality management.

At Continére International, we recognise that every person, their company and their background is unique. 

Even though the cultural canyons between different nationalities and diverse groups might be broad and deep, our successful HR, Intercultural Management & Personal Development Training take into account cross- cultural and individual differences, so our training not only save the costs involved in stalled or failed interactions, but also improve professional effectiveness.

We believe in offering in-depth expertise, scientifically based, client-centred quality service, which is why all our Global Experts, Cultural Specialists & International Business Consultants have the following characteristics:

  • have a minimum of 10 years international business / work experience
  • have proven business expertise, management & global leadership skills, intercultural competence & ability to communicate clearly and emphatically

  • have first hand knowledge of how to overcome challenges in diversity & hands on experience of living & working in a different country

  • are multilingual, multicultural, open minded, liberal, egalitarian, strategic "big picture" thinker, and curious cultural learner 

  • are passionate about building bridges across cultures and spreading not only tolerance, but acceptance of all diverse groups.

  • are members of SIETAR (Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research)

We practice what we preach, and we strive to give back to different communities, these are some of our volunteer programs which have helped many individuals and organisations around the globe:

  • refugees integration & counselling program in Germany 
  • child education & nourishment program in developing countries 
  • mentoring and scholarship program for disadvantaged students
  • public educational talks to foster understanding, build tolerance & acceptance amongst diverse minority groups