Made in Germany

Delivering Transformational Results Worldwide

Based in the sun-drenched, wine growing German Riviera, Positive Life Mapper was founded by Lina Sjamsil-Monham, who believes strongly on the importance of diversity, emotional intelligence and the wisdom of an integrated, holistic, global perspective to overcome 21st century challenges. 

Positive Life Mapper consists of a diverse, international team of Specialised Experts, Thought Leaders, Experienced Trainers and Certified Coaches from various interdisciplinary fields.

We specialise in providing highly customised, insightful, innovative, client-centred solutions through Training, Coaching, Management & HR Consulting, as well as individual Personal Development for all our clients worldwide. 

We believe that everyone deserves a life full of passion and meaning, and our purpose is to partner with you, as growth-minded individuals or as  performance-oriented organisations to help you achieve your goals, create your roadmap to success, transform your life and your organisations, and ensure your success and transformation are sustainable and in line with your core values

We are passionate about bringing the utmost value to our clients, we view intelligently designed and well executed coaching and training as an essential step to achieve personal & organisational growth and performance.

Our credo is "when there is a will to succeed, there is always a way, and there are people who will gladly help you".  

All Positive Life Mapper Specialised Experts, Thought Leaders, Experienced Trainers, Certified Coaches & Counsellors share the following characteristics: 

  • minimum 10 years proven experience in Coaching, Counselling / Training

  • have positive personal experience going through transformational coaching
  • have emotional mastery, a caring attitude, a creative approach and a curious mind
  • can apply Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Design Thinking and MBSR concepts to all transformational contexts
  • are non-judgmental, non-linear, positive thinker, emphatic listener and sensitive communicator
  • are rigorously trained in the GO-ACTmethodology and always "walk the talk"