Coaching will equip you to deal more confidently and competently with critical near-term issues, by providing inspiration, encouragement, and motivation.

Coaching tends to focus on performance in a specific area or skill, this can be particularly useful to improve skills such as leadership, or dealing with conflict or difficult conversations, but also to provide support to reduce stress and improve decision making during a time of transition or change.

Based on Neuroscience and Positive Psychology principles, we coach you to understand how your brain works, how to shift your mindset and form new lasting neural pathways which will help you to focus on your goals better, improve your communication skills, and develop positive success habits.

All our Coaches are certified, truly caring seasoned professionals who combine proven international business experience with a range of evidence based coaching techniques to deliver tangible results. We focus on real, lasting outcomes that can be attained in a relatively short period (usually one to three months). 

Coaching sessions (by phone, skype or in person) occur weekly or bi-weekly, typically lasting from 45 to 60 minutes. We are fully flexible to accommodate your needs, schedule and coaching pace.

We provide personalised, goal oriented Executive Coaching and Life & Health Coaching (Personal Transformation Coaching) for individuals and groups, in a confidential, impartial, positive environment wherever you are in the world. 

Positive Life Mapper Coaches are professional, experienced, fully Certified Coaches (PCC, MCC Level), who have successfully coached international clients from very diverse industries and backgrounds. 

We are a member of the APPC (Association of Positive Psychology Coaches) and Bundesverband für Gesundheitsberater e.V. 

What do you get from a real Neuro-Coach? *

  • Someone who believes in you and elicits your best
  • Someone who is genuinely curious about your situation and helps you uncover strengths and assets to help you succeed
  • Someone who listens intently and hears beyond the obvious
  • Someone who cares more about you than about selling

  • Someone who can improvise to create the coaching you need right now

  • Someone who helps you create an environment that supports your success

  • Someone who cuts through information overload and helps you learn what just you need to get there faster

  • Someone who helps you grow into who you need to be

  • Someone who helps your reach your goals more quickly

*Adapted from Julia Stewart's Blog in The School of Coaching Mastery