Culture is the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one group or category of people from another. It is “the software of the mind”, and we can help you design the culture you need to ensure your organisation stays agile in this global age. We also help you to master intercultural competence, which will allow you to move seamlessly across different cultures when doing business internationally.

Culture can comprise of many things: apart from the individual’s culture of origin, his / her gender, education, profession, political leanings all contribute to his / her belief system or “software”. Culture eats strategy for lunch, teams and organisations have to intentionally cultivate the right “culture” in order to maintain their competitive advantage. 

What is the “right” culture for your organisation? How do you increase your team’s engagement and overall performance?

At Continére International, we recognise that every person, their company and their background is unique. With our decades of international experience helping diverse organisations not only to bridge the cultural barriers, but also to cultivate the “unity in diversity” mindset as part of their organisation’s culture, we are the pioneer in combining cultural competence, cultural design, with business strategy and evidence based Neuroscience techniques to increase psychological safety in teams and organisations. 

Even though the cultural canyons between different nationalities and diverse groups might be broad and deep, our successful HR, Intercultural Management & Personal Development Training take into account cross- cultural and individual differences, so our training not only save the costs involved in stalled or failed interactions, but also improve the team’s performance and engagement.






Intercultural competence is an essential skill in an increasingly globalised world where we are more likely to interact with people from different cultures and countries who have been shaped by different values, beliefs and experiences.  

Our practical, customised programs will equip you with the ability to transition smoothly across different cultures and value systems, to think and act appropriately, and to communicate effectively so you can work successfully with people from different “cultural” backgrounds.

We offer general Intercultural Competence Training & Coaching, as well as in depth programs which focus on specific competences: 

·       Fit For Living and Working in … (specific target country / region)

·       Effective Teamwork in Diverse International Teams

·       Successful Project Management for Global / Virtual Teams

·       Leading & Managing Multicultural Teams

·       Global Leadership 




The moral case for building fairer and more inclusive labour markets and workplaces is indisputable: people matter, and organisations must ensure their people management approaches do not put any group at a disadvantage. Regardless of our identity or background, we all deserve the opportunity to develop our skills and talents to our full potential, work in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment, be fairly rewarded and recognised for our work and have a meaningful voice on matters that affect us.

It’s also vital for the sustainability of businesses and economies. Everyone stands to benefit when we embrace and value the diversity of thoughts, ideas and ways of working that people from different backgrounds, experiences and identities bring to an organisation. It helps people grow and learn, tackles under-utilisation of skills by enabling people to reach their full potential, improves decision-making, boosts engagement and innovation, and enables businesses to better meet the needs of a diverse customer base. 

Studies have shown that the standard diversity & inclusion (DI) and cultural sensitivity trainings are not effective in decreasing biases long term. The positive effects of these trainings only last for a short while, but do not translate to creating deeper understanding of the “other” culture and meaningful, positive changes. 

In fact, backlash and “confirmation biases” can often be the result, where employees and companies reinforce their own existing belief systems that can be detrimental to building tolerance. This is because the top-down approach that forces employees to attend compulsory trainings create resentment and rob employees from the autonomy to make sustainable changes that can only occur from deep shifts in their perspectives, and their own insights.

Diversity doesn’t happen on its own. Our customised, integrated Diversity, Equality & Inclusion training programs will help your organisation to design a new mindset & organisation culture that encourage diversity among your teams and avoid both conscious and unconscious bias creeping into the process.




Our hands-on, experiential Global Skills Training and Coaching programs are intended for early career professionals and executives who want to be equipped with the best practice tools and frameworks for understanding, managing, and leveraging cultural differences in their organisations and interactions.

Our Trainers and Coaches are all successful business executives with a minimum of 10 years’ international business experience, so they “walk the talk” and will demonstrate how the skills can be applied in the real world.

After an in-depth needs analysis with you / your organisation, we will develop a customised, effective program that will equip you with the specific Global Skills you need to succeed in the specific target culture / region or in the world arena. 

Some examples of our highly customised, interactive programs:

·     Global Communication Skills

·     Negotiation Across Cultures

·     Sales, Marketing & Presentation for Asian Customers

·     Networking in International Arena

·     Interview, Recruiting & Talent Management in South East Asia

·     Creativity & Innovation for Multicultural Teams